Uppercut Deluxe US Clay - Faded Bed Hair
Uppercut Deluxe US Clay - Feathered Mullet
Uppercut Deluxe US Clay - Faded and Textured Throwback
Uppercut Deluxe US Clay - Natural  Pomp


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Strong HoldLow ShineWashes Out EasilyReworkable

Uppercut Deluxe Clay is a strong hold product with a natural finish that is easily reworked throughout the day and just as importantly, washed out at the end. This is a revolutionary hair Clay, designed specifically for men.

Clay will tame hair short or long, adding texture and control to a diverse range of styles.

This product grips and shapes hair effortlessly; it has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair.

With low shine, Clay produces a matte finish, leaving the hair looking natural.

Hold: Strong but reworkable

Finish: Low shine, matte finish

Style Guide: Clay works best for modern styles. This product is great for adding control to textured styles

Hair Type: Ideal for difficult to control hair; straight, wavy, or curly. Clay can tame any hair length.

Fragrance: Woods and Leather

Size: 70g

Base: Water and Wax Based

Faded Bed Hair - Uppercut Deluxe Feathered Mullet - Uppercut Deluxe
Faded and Textured Throwback Loose Pomp - Uppercut Deluxe

Apply to dry hair that has been washed beforehand with EverydayShampooandConditioner. Start by working a small amount of product into dry palms and make sure to spread evenly across both hands. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread product evenly throughout your hair.

Shape your hair to the desired look using your fingers or an Uppercut Deluxe comb from our Accessories Range to give the shape you want for your style.

To remove, we recommend a full wash cycle with Uppercut DeluxeDegreaser, followed with Everyday Conditioner.

Much like how styles progress products also evolve.

The Uppercut Deluxe team loved the original Matte Clay, with new ingredients available on the market we were able to maintain everything we loved about the original formula while making it easier to apply and remove from the hair.

The new Clay maintains everything that the original formula built its reputation on; strong hold, low shine, reworkable and versatile. Clay is easy to apply and washes out with no fuss.

After over a year in R&D, countless rounds of sampling, and rigorous testing in the barbershop, the Clay formula was perfected.

The result is a dense product that offers a strong, yet workable hold paired with a natural matte finish. Clay combines traditional wax and modern water-based ingredients into a formula that scoops, spreads, and washes out easily.

Uppercut Deluxe Clay contains a delicate balance of wax and water-based ingredients that allows the product to hold firm, without setting hard meaning the product remains reworkable throughout the day.

These wax elements also bring an anti-humidity complex to the formula allowing the product to maintain it’s structure when exposed to low levels of heat– be it in the gym or even just a hot day.

Clay creates a low shine finish through a combination of ingredients that gently disrupt the cuticle layer of the hair. This disruption means that light is absorbed, rather than reflected create a matte finish effect.

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