Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray is perfect for adding volume and relaxed texture, with a natural matte finish. Inspired by hair styles straight from the surf, the salt water perfectly primes any hair type with just the right amount of hold. Used in dry hair Salt Spray creates loose, lived in looks with ease. It’s a game-changer for your styling routine.


    Sea salt spray for all hair styles and types

    Whether you’re sporting a slick pompadour or rocking beachy waves, Salt Spray is a must-have in your styling tool kit. Offering loose texture and volume as a pre-styling primer, it’s suitable for all hair types and styles, from thick curls to fine strands.


    Salt Spray aims to incorporate the ‘fresh from the beach’ feeling. Containing a lightweight hold complex that is finely dispersed to coat each hair with a fine layer of salt. The salt gently disrupts the cuticle layer, allowing hairs to lightly grab on to each other to create volume and texture with a natural finish.

    Daily use is okay but in moderation. The salt can remove moisture from your hair and dry your scalp. A regular wash routine using Strength and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner is recommended to keep your hair healthy and clean.

    Salt Spray is a multi-function hair product. It can be used in dry hair to create a loose, lived in look or applied to damp hair to as a pre-styling primer for adding volume and control while blow-drying. When using as a pre-styler, finish with your preferred Uppercut Deluxe styling product.