Medium Hold Hair Styling Products

Medium Hold Hair Products

Uppercut Deluxe offers premium medium hold styling products crafted for the everyday man. Designed by passionate barbers for a perfect balance of control and style, while offering versatility for easy styling. Our collection of medium hold styling products offer a natural or matte finish for all hair types across a broad range of styles from classic to modern. If you’re chasing a stronger or light hold, our range of strong hold and light hold hair styling products have you covered for achieving the perfect look.


    Medium hold products for all hair types and styles

    When you need easy casual styling with minimal effort, hair products with medium hold are ideal. Our medium hold styling products are especially effective on straight or loose, wavy hair that does not require a strong hold and provides the flexibility to create a variety of hair styles. From our award-winning all-rounder, Matte Pomade to the best-selling Styling Powder, we have a medium hold styling product that will keep your hair looking fresh and styled day in, day out.


    Hold in hair styling refers to how well a hair product keeps your hair in place following application. Medium hold styling products sit in the middle (a 5 or 6 on the Uppercut Deluxe ‘Hold Scale’) and suit most hair types. They allow you to create a wide range of hair styles both classic and modern.

    Uppercut Deluxe’s best-selling and award-winning Matte Pomade is your best bet for a medium hold that will go the distance. A great all-rounder, formulated to give a natural matte finish for a broad range of styles from classic to modern.

    Medium hold hair products add versatility and flexibility without leaving your hair stiff and hard. Our medium hold styling products are perfect for styling popular looks such as the side parts, pompadours, or modern slick backs, and best of all wash out easily. If you’re rocking a more modern, textured style Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder will fit the bill, while offering flexibility in the level of hold by adding more powder as tweak your style.