Hair Styling Clay

Tailored for the modern man, Uppercut Deluxe Clay offers a strong, flexible hold built to keep your hairstyle sharp whatever the day throws at you. Perfect for achieving anything from a textured, casual look to a tight, defined style with a natural, matte finish.

Hair styling clay for all hair types and styles

Uppercut Deluxe Clay is a versatile hair styling product, designed to excel in different hair types. From thick, unruly locks to fine strands, Clay can work wonders. Whether you’re chasing rugged texture, or a clean yet modern style, clay’s flexible hold and dry finish will get you there.


Hair styling clay adds texture and volume, with a strong yet flexible hold. It delivers a matte finish, perfect for a natural look. It’s a versatile choice for achieving a variety of styles without adding the shine of more traditional styling products.

Using hair styling clay is safe and effective for maintaining your look. In certain hair types, clay can be difficult to wash out, so we recommend a full wash routine using Shampoo and Conditioner to remove product build up and keep your hair healthy.

Hair styling clay is typically best applied to dry hair for a matte finish. Warming clay thoroughly in your hands prior, helps clay distribute evenly, providing optimal texture and hold. A touch of Clay in damp hair prior to blow-drying can work wonders for locking in your desired hairstyle all day.