Strong Hold Hair Styling Products

Strong Hold Hair Products

Are you on the lookout for strong hold hair products that keep your hair in place for the whole day, add some shine or texture, and smell amazing? Uppercut Deluxe high-hold products make styling all types of hair easy – even if your hair is coarse and chaotic. Use a small (or not so small) amount of our strong hold pomade, paste or clay to shape your hair effortlessly.


    Strong hold products for all hair types and styles

    The Uppercut Deluxe range of high-hold hair products are carefully formulated using only the finest ingredients to provide a modern twist to traditional men’s grooming. Whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or curly, or outright wild and wooly, you can rely on our strong-hold hair products to create timeless or modern looks. Slick backs, side parts, pompadours and even modern, textured styles will stay dutifully in place, so you can remain confident in your hair as the day wears on. Select from some of our strongest hold hair products, including Monster Hold, an extra powerful traditional wax-based pomade that gives you the option to rework your hairstyle all day long.


    Strong-hold hair products are designed to hold your hairstyle in a more long-lasting, durable way. These types of products are perfect if your hair tends to misbehave and needs that extra bit of coaxing to ‘tame’ your hairstyle. No matter what your hairstyle, you can feel confident that it will stay put day in, day out.

    Monster Hold’s strong-hold formula offers brutal staying powder. The strongest hold product in the Uppercut Deluxe range – a traditional wax-based pomade that holds hair in place but does not set. This means it can be re-worked throughout the day. If you’re rocking a more modern, textured style Uppercut Deluxe Clay offers a low shine, matte finish with a strong-hold for defying natural movement.

    Strong hold styling products are ideal to use if you want to maintain a gravity-defying hairstyle, including a slick back, side part or pompadour. They are great for any hair type or style that might not otherwise remain in place.