Side Parted Quiff - How to Cut

The Side Parted Quiff is a classic style that takes the best parts of the timeless Side Part and adds a little bit of flair with extra volume.

Despite being a time-honoured style, the Side Parted Quiff is still a hugely popular cut for guys across the world. This is thanks to its versatility – it can be worn tight for the more formal occasions, our looser and paired with a matte finish product, like Clay, for a more casual look.

Watch as Todd Page, owner of Seven&One Studio and member of the Uppercut Deluxe Collective walks us through a Side Parted Quiff.

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How to Cut and Style: Side Parted Quiff from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.

The Side Parted Quiff is a great option for guys who want a style that can be dressed up for work, or worn more casually on the weekends.

Clay is a great styling product option for anyone wanting the best of both worlds. It’s surprisingly creamy base allows it to effortlessly applied to the hair and either combed or finger raked.

The product has a firm hold, but remains reworkable once applied meaning the user can continually tough up their look throughout the day.

Thanks to it’s light disrupting properties, Clay leaves a completely natural finish.

The strong hold and low shine combined make it a great product for creating both tight and textured looks.