How to Style: Textured Side Part

Without a doubt one of the most popular men's hairstyles, the Side Part suits nearly every guy and situation. Formal or Casual, a well-cut Side Part fits in with every dress code!

The best thing about the Side Part, also known as a Comb Over, is its diversity - it can be customized to exactly how the wearer likes it - paired with a fade, undercut, disconnect, worn short or long, the possibilities are endless.

In this How to Style, we will take you through how to recreate a Textured Side Part at home.

In this example, we've left around 5 inches of length on top, leaving plenty of hair to comb over, pairing it with a fade on the sides to form an undercut. This allows for the hair to fall over to the side with a disconnect, allowing for the hair to flow naturally to the side.

Featherweight is the perfect product pairing for a Textured Side Part.

This product was designed for the no-nonsense kinda guy who doesn’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror. Featherweight is a lightweight fiber paste that has plenty of 'tack' to add lift and texture to styles. The product contains heat-activated ingredients that are slow drying, giving you plenty of time to get your hair looking perfect before it begins to set. Topped off with low shine, Featherweight is perfect for creating textured and pieced out styles.

How to Style: Textured Side Part

How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 1
Step 1: We always recommend washing your hair with Everyday Shampoo followed with Everyday Conditioner before you start styling, it will make the process much easier and is well worth the effort! Once you've washed your hair, give it a thorough towel dry.
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 2
Step 2: Take a generous scoop of Featherweight from the tin
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 3
Step 3: Thoroughly spread the product across your hands, ensuring it is evenly spread.
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 8
Step 4: Using your hands, rake the product through your hair
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 5
Step 5: To create volume, use your fingertips to lift the body of your hair upwards.
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 6
Step 6: Using a CB11 Rake Comb, loosely comb your hair backward at an angle. Comb the short side down to create the part.
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 7
Step 7: Using your fingertips, gently pick at sections to emphasize the texture and perfect your look.
How to Style: Textured Side Part – Step 8
Step 8: Step back and admire

What you'll need: