Featured Style: Slick 90's Middle Part

If you’ve ever been on Tik Tok, you’d know that 90’s middle parts are all the rage with the younger crowd at the moment. Kids these days are calling the style ‘Curtains’, which makes total sense given that the hair is supposed to fall on either side of the head.

Maybe it’s because they didn’t get the chance to rock the Leo Di Caprio inspired floppy center part in it’s hey day, or maybe 2020 is sending people crazy.

Truth be told, we actually dig the Middle Part! Generally Curtains are worn floppy and loose, but check out this example of a slicked Middle Part by @Chris_Loughland

Slicked 90's Middle Part Hair Style

This is one dang good haircut that could be worn loose, but slicked back, split down the middle for a more formal occasion.

Chris opted to style this cut using Deluxe Pomade, which is a high hold, high shine water based pomade. This product was designed for classic looks like side parts, slick backs and pomps but will tackle pretty much any challenge thrown at it.

To style this look, apply Deluxe Pomade to slightly damp hair, ensuring it is spread all the way down to the root. Next, take a Rake Comb and begin combing from one side, stopping as you get to the middle, then repeat on the other side. This will help achieve a natural looking part in the middle.

If you wanted to go for the more casual look, we’d recommend a product like Easy Hold or Salt Spray. Once the product is applied, you’d only need to loosely rake your hair backwards with your hands and let gravity do its work!