Featured Style: Skin Faded Textured Quiff

There’s a lot to be said for a nice simple haircut. Something that’s easy to maintain, style, and most importantly, a cut that suits the face shape.

Take for example this expertly finished Skin Faded Textured Quiff by our friend Callum Francis of Old Town Barbers Margate.

Skin Faded Textured Quiff - Uppercut Deluxe

The Textured Quiff is a popular cut in barbershops across the world. It’s easy to style and easy to wear. From the office to the pub, you won’t be out of place with a cut like this.

If you’re a guy or girl looking for a short messy haircut, this is it.

Our favorite thing about this cut is that it can be customized to suit the wearer. A fade taken down to the skin, like in this example, for a little added edge or the sides can be left a little longer for someone wanting to keep their look safe.

Featherweight is the perfect styling product for styling a Skin Faded Textured Quiff. This product is a fiber paste that draws inspiration from gels, putties, and waxes in the late ’90s and early 2000s. The end result is a lightweight paste that packs plenty of punch (hence the name Featherweight) and delivers a firm hold with low shine.


If you’re new to using hair products, follow these easy quick steps.

  1. Start with clean hair - Clean hair is easier to style – we recommend using Degreaser and Everyday Conditioner to remove any product build-up and to keep your hair healthy
  2. Dry your hair - Give your hair a thorough towel dry. This will allow the product to work in the way it was designed to
  3. Take a fingernail-sized scoop of Featherweight – Start with a little and add more as you need. Spread the product across your hands
  4. Apply the product to your hair – For a messy style like this, go wild. Rake your hands through your hair and in every direction
  5. Begin to style – Once the product is in your hair, start to begin working your hair into shape. Scrunch your hair to add texture to sections, rake the top and midsection forward and finally push your fringe up
  6. Perfect your style – Pick, pinch and twist at sections to perfect your style