Featured Style: Loose Pomp with Skin Fade

The Pompadour is a timeless classic, a staple style for men across the world for years.

This Rockabilly influenced style is ageless, especially when paired with an exceptional skin fade. Check out this example by Ben from Le Coupeur. The Barber has managed to keep the style looking effortless and refined at the same time, a true example of a great cut!

Uppercut Deluxe - Loose Pomp with Skin Fade

You can create this style with a spray of Salt Spray and a dab of Matte Pomade. This cocktail will leave your hair looking natural and relaxed, but will still hold its shape throughout the day.


If you’re styling a Loose Pomp for the first time, patience is key! This isn’t an easy style to master, the loose pomp can take some effort, but with the right product and tools you’ll have your hair styled in no time.

Get your hair ready to style with a quick wash, clean hair takes to product easier and tends to take shape easier. Wash the hair with a helping of Everyday Shampoo first and then Everyday Conditioner, rinse and dry gently with a towel and you’re pomp ready.

Next, to form the shape of your pomp, lightly spray your hair with Salt SpraySalt Spray will help add volume and control when blowdrying.

Using your blow dryer at a medium heat, begin to direct your hair backwards. Take your quiff roller and begin brushing your hair into place. To create additional volume, twist your hair into the quiff roller, pull it upwards and hit it with the blow dryer.

Once you’ve achieved the overall shape of your Pomp take a generous scoop of Matte Pomade and work it through your hands. Using Matte Pomade will help add hold, without sacrificing the natural look.

Careful not to ruin your overall shape, gently rake your fingers through your hair. As the product begins to spread, you will be able to increase the pressure in which you apply.

And you’re off! A Loose Pomp ready to go the distance.

What you'll need:


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