Featured Style: Easy Slick Back

The Easy Slick Back is a casual take on a style as old as time itself. This slicked back look is perfect for anyone looking for something that is easy to maintain and style.

The Slick Back was popularized by the movie stars and gangsters of the 1930s and has never really fallen out of fashion. It’s a sharp style that is at home no matter the event – it can be dressed up with a high shine product like Matte Pomade for the office or formal events or dressed down for the weekend or night at the pub.

This style is called an ‘Easy’ slick back due to the nature of the finish. This style isn’t slammed down with product for a tight finish, but rather, put into a relaxed, natural look finish.

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Slick Back

This cut was done by Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Tim ‘Hutto’ Hutton. Hutto runs his barbershop in Adelaide South Australia. Hutto is one of the best barbers in Australia and his shop is second to none. He has managed to create a relaxed environment which is now a cornerstone of the community – all are welcome, young and old. It’s exactly what a barbershop should be.

Hutto dressed this cut with a healthy dab of Matte Pomade.

Matte Pomade is a great ‘all-rounder’ product. It has plenty of hold with a natural matte finish. It’s the perfect product for guys who need a bit of help to keep their hair in place but want the ‘no product’ look.

If the occasion called, or if you like a little more shine to your hair, you could create this style with Deluxe Pomade. Deluxe Pomade offers a strong hold and a high shine, perfect for the more formal look.

To achieve the natural finish, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb, like ou CB11 Rake Comb. A Rake comb allows more hair to pass through between each tooth which results in wider, more natural comb lines.