Featured Style: Defined Curls with Fade

There’s no getting around it, crazy, wild, curly hair is hard to manage and maintain. Our advice – embrace the curls and pair them with a tight fade.

If you ate all your crusts as a kid and you’ve got a curly mop unfortunately there aren’t a lot of options in the hair styling department, defining them is your best bet.

Rather than spending hours trying to comb the curls into compliance every morning, embracing the curls and pairing them with a nice clean fade is a fuss free way to look your best.

To really nail this look, you’re going to want to find a barber that knows what they are doing with the curls and get friendly with them since you’ll be making regular visits to keep the fade in check.

How to Style: Men's Curly Hair

To achieve the perfect Defined Curls follow these steps.

Start with slightly damp hair and take two or three pumps of Foam Tonic, spreading the product through the hair ensuring the product is worked all the way into the roots.

Next, take a hairdryer with a diffuser head and work it around the hair on a medium high heat. This will dry the Foam Tonic into the hair, without disrupting the curls.

To add a little extra hold and definition to the curls, add another two or three pumps of Foam Tonic and work through the hair.