Featured Style: Classic Slick Back

The slick Back is a style as old as time. Worn by men for decades, the Slick Back is a damn cool style.

A slick back can be suited to many face shapes and most hair can be tamed, with the right product.

Check out this example of a classic Slick Back by Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador and owner of North West Barber Co, Chris Brownless. Chris has styled this classic cut with a generous coat of Deluxe Pomade, to lock in the style all day long. 

Uppercut Deluxe Classic Slick Back

Slick Backs have had a recent surge in popularity with barbers frequently asked for cuts that resemble Brad Pitt’s in the World War 2 epic, Fury.

While you might not look like old mate Brad, you could have hair like him! Don’t be embarrassed by asking for the Fury cut, we’re certain that nearly every barber has been asked for it at least once. In the off chance that your barber doesn’t know what you’re talking about is, show him a picture and he will straight away begin work on your Slicked Back look.

The Fury haircut combines the classic Slick Back with the more modern undercut to create a ‘Slicked Back Undercut’.

The example above is a more classic example of a Slick Back, neatly connecting the length from the top to the sides with a nice taper around the ear. A great example of a clean, tidy, classic men’s haircut.


Styling a Slick Back isn’t too hard at all. Follow these steps and you’ll have it dialled in no time.

Before you start, we recommend a full wash cycle using Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner. Clean hair is far easier to style and reacts much better to product. At the very least wet your hair down and give it a thorough towel dry.

Next take a fine-tooth comb, like a CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb or a CT9 Styling Comb, and work it across your hair, taking it all backwards.

Then, take a generous scoop of Deluxe Pomade and spread it through your hands. Once evenly spread, begin to gently rake your fingers through your hair applying little to no pressure. As the product begins to disperse through your hair, begin to work your palms across difficult sections with slight pressure.

Finally, take your preferred styling tool and comb your hair backwards into shape. Follow your comb with your spare hand, catching any stray hairs. If needed, apply some more Pomade to any areas that don’t cooperate.

And there you have it, the perfect Slick Back.


Deluxe Pomade


CT9 comb

Everyday Shampoo

Everyday Conditioner