Featured Style: Classic Hard Part

This is a style that will never go out of fashion. The Classic Hard Part is a variation of a side part, the main difference being the distinct and angled part line designed to make the hair cut really pop.

The Hard Part does take a little extra effort to dial in each morning but that won’t be without reward, executed well, this is one of the best styles going round. And with the help of Foam Tonic, recreating the style at home just got a little easier.

To help build the foundations of the style use a prestyling product like Foam Tonic to help add control when styling.

To make styling the foundations of the style easier, Foam Tonic adds a light hold to aid in shaping the hair while blow drying, while heat resistant elements protect the hair from damage. This base layer creates the perfect building blocks for a higher hold styling product to lock the look into place.

How to Style: Classic Hard Part

To achieve the perfect Classic Hard Part, follow these steps.

Start with slightly damp hair and take two or three pumps of Foam Tonic, spreading the product through the hair ensuring the product is worked all the way into the roots.

Next, take a Quiff Roller and a hairdryer on medium heat, direct the hair backwards, brushing the hair into shape.

Find the part line, use the hairdryer to direct the short side down to ensure the part line is clear.

Take a scoop of your preferred finishing product, such as Deluxe or Matte Pomade, and spread it across your hands.

Using the fingertips, apply product to the part line. Begin to work the remaining product through the hair following the direct set when prestyling.

Finally, use a CT5 Comb to finalize the style, combing hair into place.