Featured Style: Brush Back

A Brush Back is a casual take on a slick back or throwback, it’s a perfect style for anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair that is wanting to keep their look casual.

With the hair brushed backwards away from the forehead, this style makes use of the natural hair movement resulting in tidy yet casual style.

The Brush Back is a great option for someone wanting a versatile cut with the ability to dress their style up or down depending on the occasion.

Like in this example, the hair can be left with a natural, low shine finish using Foam Tonic, for the average day to day. Or, for a more formal occasion, this cut could be styled into a slick back with the help of a higher hold and shine product, like Deluxe Pomade.


To achieve the perfect Brush Back, follow these steps.

Start with slight damp hair and take two to three pumps of Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic, spreading the product through the hair ensuring the product is worked all the way into the roots.

Next, take a Quiff Roller or Vent Brush and a hairdryer on medium heat, direct the hair backwards, brushing the hair into shape.

Finally, take another two or three pumps of Foam Tonic and apply to hair, brushing the product through to lock the style into place.