Everyday Sidepart with Taper - How To Cut

The Uppercut Deluxe team takes you through how to cut a Everyday Sidepart with Taper using Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay. This how-to video will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can get the Everyday Sidepart your client wants.

Watch Uppercut Deluxe Global Barber Ambassador George Coady cut and style a Everyday Sidepart with Taper with Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay.

At home or in the office the Sidepart with Taper is the classic smart casual cut, perfect for the everyday man.

A great Sidepart with Taper takes some time to master, and will take a little bit of practise. Go slowly at first, and ensure that you listen to your client’s requests.

Uppercut Deluxe products were designed for barbers, by barbers. Our Matte Clay makes it easy to create and shape– it grips and slicks hair short or long and effortlessly shapes your style.

That means no fuss styling after a great haircut, and perfect for your client to recreate the look at home.

Today we're showcasing the capable hands of George Coady. Officially George has been an Ambassador since the start of 2017.  But his time as an undercover advocate dates back to the start of his training. As a young apprentice, he would sneak Uppercut Deluxe tins into the barber shops he worked for (which carried other brands exclusively) and style his clients with the best on the sly. Love your work George, and it shows that you do too.