Catching Up with Paul Cowen

Uppercut Deluxe Collective Member - Paul Cowen hails from Durham, a city with Medieval history in the North of the UK.

Paul's shop @RumRazor is an institution in Durham. We like to consider Paul as a quiet achiever. He runs a tight shop, dishes out a quality cut, and most importantly, services his community.

Paul and the team at Rum Razor pride themselves on their strong involvement in the local community and delivering the highest quality in service.

We caught up with Paul to talk all things Rum Razor, how he’s getting on during these uncertain times and what’s next.

Catching up with Paul Cowen

Hey Man, Thanks for taking the time to chat. Understand you’ve probably just clocked off from a long day.
Hey Mate, no problem, yeah just finished up a long day!

So give us the run down, for people who haven’t been to Rum Razor. How would you describe it?
Well, Rum Razor is a relaxed shop, It’s for your everyday man. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, not exclusive. We draw a lot of inspiration from the traditional US barbershops which have that real sense of community. Combined with our personal interests and tastes to make the space our own.

That’s great and you’ve been going strong for nearly 5 years now yeah?
It’s actually our 5th birthday this week man, August 1st. Can you believe it! We planned a party to celebrate but COVID’s killed that dream sadly.

Ah, mate that’s a shame. You’ll have to make your 6th Birthday a big one!
Yeah mate, we’ll have to make up for it next year for sure.

So what’s next for Paul Cowen and Rum Razor?
So much! Don’t get me wrong, I love cutting hair but I need to have other things I’m working on alongside my time with clients and the shop. Keeps me motivated!

We’re building a website and application right now for Rum Razor to engage with our community, we’ve got fresh merch coming partnering with local grassroots artists from in the community.

We’re also trying to be more involved in supporting charitable organizations close to us. It’s important to give back to the community.

Sounds like you’re keeping busy mate! Thanks heaps for catching up.