Catching up with George Richards

George Richards, Uppercut Deluxe Collective member, hails from Newcastle, Australia.

If you ask us, Newcastle has to be one of the best cities in the world, it’s got everything you need. Epic beaches, good pubs, nice coffee and importantly, happy people.

Growing up in Newcastle, George is unsurprisingly one of those happy people. 

We caught up with George to see how he has spent his COIVD period and what he’s been up to lately.

George Richards for Uppercut Deluxe

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I grew up in Newcastle, about two hours north of Sydney.

Big city meets beach town with a huge range of skateparks and spots, a good place for me.

Between skate trips, I’ve been studying Building Design so I can transfer into Architecture at Newy Uni and doing as many hours as I can for my mate’s landscaping business.

Gotta put in the work. So how long have you been skating for?
Probably around 15 years.. wow.

Dad took me to one of the local shops when I was around eight. We set up a tiny board with huge wheels and I spent the next few years covered in either blood from the jagged hill out front or bruises from the parked cars..

Haha fair enough You’ve had a bit of success in those years. Who are you riding for at the moment?
I'm really stoked with all my sponsors right now. I feel pretty lucky to have such a great relationship with the people behind the brands that support me.

Those guys are; Beach Burrito Co., Vans, Modus Bearings, Life Without Andy, Scram Skateboards, Sanbah

..and of course you guys at Uppercut!

That’s a fair spread! What’s your biggest achievement to date?
My favourite was getting bronze at the VPS Oceania Champs, all the guys from Vans and The Boardr running Park Series are legends and that week is always so much fun.

To be able to come home with Third just made that week even better, the fact that I’ve been able to sustain that 3rd place ranking through to this stage in the Aussie Olympic rankings is probably my biggest achievement so far.

What do you think of Skate Boarding becoming an Olympic Sport?
I think Skateboarding as a whole is pretty subjective, there’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Some people love competitive skateboarding and for others, the structure and scoreboards just suck all the fun out of it, and that’s ok.

Personally, I think this opportunity to travel the world representing Australia for something I love doing is absolutely incredible.

Where’s your favourite place to skate? How did you manage to skate through COVID?
I’ll skate anywhere there’s a good crew.

While the parks were closed all the boys in Newy brought sketchy home-made rails, boxes, kickers and everything else to the local Netball courts every arvo..

Huge crew, music blasting and esky’s everywhere. 

At one point we had enough obstacles to stretch 5 netball courts..

We were socially distanced of course…

Sounds epic.. So, what’s your favourite thing about skating?
It’s versatility.

Skateboarding is something you can do to accompany a great mood and it can also be an outlet for those not so great days.

Whatever you need, there it is, skateboarding.

You keep your hair nice and tight, who’s your local barber?
Fin at Jimbos Barber Shop Newcastle, every time.

Alright, we’ll leave you be. But give us a joke before we go.
A bloke shows up to fancy dress party with his girlfriend up on his shoulders, but the bouncer won’t let them in.

Bouncer -Sorry mate, no costume, no entry.

Bloke- But I’m a Turtle!

Bouncer- No you’re not!?

Bloke- YES I AM.. (points to girlfriend)

..This is Michele.

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