IG: @t.a.b.kyiv

Craft: Barber

Barbershop: T.A.B

 Q: Where is T.A.B?

A: T.A.B is located in Kyiv, the capital of unbeatable Ukraine. The district where we are is called Podil, which is a historically significant place of the city. Centuries ago Podil was mainly populated by craftsmen, so this location is close to our hearts in terms of its vibe.

Q: When did T.A.B open?

A: We’ve been operating with the boys for 4 years, trying to develop the PROPER barbershop culture in Ukraine.

Q: How long have you been cutting hair?

A: I started learning how to cut hair 8 years ago. Unfortunately, there aren’t any colleges or something along those lines in our country, where one can go and get good knowledge and license, so you have to study yourself. I believe that I first got the true meaning of the word “barbershop” when I read a book called “Art And Science Of Barbering” from 1947 by Sherman Trusty.

Q: How did you first hear about Uppercut Deluxe?

A: I discovered Uppercut Deluxe right when I started learning the trade. Uppercut products had already been present in a number of different hairdresser’s in Kyiv; TAB has been regularly using Uppercut products for around 3 years.

Q: What makes T.A.B special to you?

A: T.A.B is special because it is truly a second family of mine. These are the people closest to me, and the barbershop is somewhat of a spiritual place. It is definitively not about commerce, unlike 97% of the market around here.

Q: What is your signature haircut/hairstyle?

A: It is difficult to pinpoint a specific hairstyle, but here’s how I see it. I’m positive that every barbershop has to have a certain standard, meaning solid logic and algorithm of work.

It’s not very difficult to find a hairdresser’s with one good craftsman, but it is nearly impossible to find a barbershop where every barber is at a good level and all of them adhere to a single standard of the craft.

Q: I know times are very hard in Ukraine right now, can the barbershop open at the moment?

A: Yes, the times are very hard to say the least. I don’t think there has been anything close to what’s happening now since WW2. Every day there’s air raid alerts. Every day rockets and bombs are destroying Ukrainian cities and villages - millions of people have been displaced. This might sound difficult to believe, but you’d be hard pressed to find a Ukrainian who hasn’t lost somebody in this war already.

For the last 5 months life for civilian population all over the country has been accompanied by regular power outages. We get power according to a special schedule designed by the local government, so TAB works every day now, but never more than for 5 hours.

Q: Do you have a message you would like to share with the people reading this?

A: There’s only one thing: live your life and cherish it, hug your loved ones as much as you can and never, ever give up! I’m very grateful to everyone who supports us in these difficult times, it stimulates to not give in and keep moving forward. A special thank you to Uppercut Deluxe for the attention and support. Time will come and I’ll shake each and every one of you by the hand!